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Don't Get Tied Down: Remote Control and Military Maintenance

Are there times when you feel like you—or your most experienced maintenance guy—need to be everywhere at the same time? That life would be easier if everything you needed to maintain was all together some place? As Todd Stiefler explains, it could be that you don’t need to spend your life traveling. Perhaps you can let your assets come to you rather than you go to them? Watch the video to learn more.


Machines in the Cloud

There's Machines in This Cloud

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . The cloud: the name itself evokes the light and airy. But increasingly we’re evolving the capability of the cloud to something that’s anything but. Today, we announced GE Predix Cloud, secure platform as a service capabilities built from the ground up to handle data of any size, volume or velocity from the world’s industrial machines. GE’s Predix Cloud is going to reduce costs, slash rollout times,...



Hot from GVSETS

Those of you who saw my post from this symposium last year will recognize the acronym; GVSETS is the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium run by the NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association) in Michigan. Wow: what an event! This year blew last year’s attendance away; over 900 folks attended on the first day to listen to the most eminent leaders in the Army ground systems industry. The keynote was delivered by Dr. Paul...


What Is a Data Whisperer?

Operators today are faced with so many challenges when it comes to troubleshooting problems, whether in a utility or manufacturing plant. Matt Wells talks about how to provide better decision support to help operators troubleshoot problems quicker with analytics. And that’s where the idea of the data whisperer comes in. Watch the video to learn more.


GE Uses Its Own Manufacturing Solutions, Too

Hear Rich Carpenter talk about future system infrastructures and the significant advantages of the Cloud. GE uses its own technology solutions at its 350+ manufacturing facilities, and for customers that means we’re continually refining our solutions to deliver the best capabilities needed to stay competitive. Watch the video to learn more.


Alleviating the Squeeze on Operators

These days, there are a lot more demands on operators within the plant. Technology and the workforce are both changing. That’s having a significant impact in automation software. According to Matt Wells, technology has got to support operators and allow them to adapt and respond to changing dynamics. Watch the video to learn more.


HPEC Applications

What's Changed in HPEC? Part Two

In my previous post about what’s happened in the three years since we opened our HPEC Center of Excellence in Billerica, MA, I looked at where we are in terms of applications and architectures. This time, I’ll be looking briefly at the implications of Intel’s Broadwell announcement (“briefly," because I discussed it in more detail in a previous post ) and at what’s going on in the world of keeping all this stuff cool. So: Intel’s new Broadwell...


Delivering What Customers Want

Whether you’re producing widgets, cereals, oil or any other product, everybody wants to reduce costs. Everybody wants to get it done quicker. Everybody wants to avoid downtime. To achieve these critical goals, the Alliance for Innovation in Operational Excellence (AIOE) believes companies need a base of assets to optimize performance—driving safety, quality, predictability and more. And it all starts with controlling the data and making it...


HPEC Center of Excellence

What's Changed in HPEC? Part One

Sometimes, it seems like our HPEC Center of Excellence opened yesterday—when in fact it opened its doors in May 2012. That’s over three years that we’ve been helping customers solve some of the toughest problems they face in developing sophisticated applications. Needless to say, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the HPEC landscape during that time. Of course we have many more cores to play with than we did back then. We’re seeing clusters of...


Why Is Cyber Security Such a Big Issue?

Find out why we need to be more diligent about protecting our networks and the broader reach required due to increasingly connected equipment. Rich Carpenter shares his insight on how to protect your equipment and data using the latest tools and predictive capabilities. Watch the video to learn more.


The "Secret Sauce" of the Future Workforce

With different tools, different technology and new skills, today's workforce has evolved. Edward Youdell discusses how technology natives are coming into the workforce with the expectation that technology will be used in the performance of their jobs, making easy-to-understand technologies evermore critical. Watch the video to learn more.


The Future of Knowledge: Part Two

Last week I talked about the interrelationship between data, information and knowledge—and ended, tantalizingly, with the question of what it all had to do with the Connected Battlefield. Well, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. Like all of us, today’s warfighter is drowning in data. We have developed all manner of systems for capturing and delivering data. Petabytes of the stuff flow into storage every day and are doggedly organized...


Expecting the Unexpected with the Industrial Internet

This story originally appeared in Manufacturing Business Technology . With summer weather upon us, we can comfortably look back at the winter of 2014-15, which hit large parts of the U.S. hard and often. Snow crippled transportation networks across most of the Northeast, making it much more difficult for people to get to work. It buried rail lines and clogged highways, brought down power lines, and pushed recovery resources to their limits...



GE's Transformation...Start Small, Start Now

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn. I constantly stress to my CIOs that they need to start now ... start small, but start now. The obvious question is, how? I’ve watched our customers transform but I’ve also learned firsthand what it takes to drive change through industrial software. We’ve been remaking ourselves at GE as a digital industrial company and creating our architecture for the future. For me, the paradigm is that we eat our...


Information Age

The Future of Knowledge: Part One

When I was a young person (when my personal computer was a slide rule, and bikinis were obscene) I thought that data and information were basically the same thing, and that knowledge was simply information stored in a person’s head. Through the passing of time, I have learned this is not true. I also learned that PCs and bikinis are really awesome, but that’s not what this blog is about. It's about how data, information and knowledge are related...