Is Your iPad Keeping You Warm At Night?

Engineers love their tech toys. In fact, those smartphones and tablets are so great they get a premium spot right beside the bed on the nightstand. It’s the last thing we touch at night and the first thing we look at in the morning.

Many of us use these devices as an alarm clock. But, for people whose day job can creep into the night-time hours, they offer much more—including a better night’s sleep.

With your iPad® and the Industrial Internet close at hand, you can respond faster to those night-time calls about emergencies at work—and at Cornell University, for example, the off-hours team can get back to sleep 40% faster.

Here’s some information on Cornell: The team there has thousands of equipment assets running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and emphasizes use of Proficy Mobile on iPads for off-hours troubleshooting of its complex systems and equipment. Decisions regarding equipment assets significantly impact efficiency and energy usage.

Additionally, when an asset fails, a workaround must be implemented immediately. Now, the facilities team has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) available, anywhere, anytime—which improves decision making and speeds system troubleshooting, helping to get systems back online as efficiently as possible.

Here’s how Chris Smalt, Plant Manager for Cornell University, explains it: “When an operator calls at night, I reach for the iPad with Proficy Mobile. I can see what the operator is up against and what the campus needs and immediately help with troubleshooting and decision making.”

Using Proficy Mobile, the Cornell team can monitor operators and drill into KPIs such as electrical distribution, equipment status, how much power the university is sending or receiving from the grid, power through breakers, and more. Based on this information, managers assist operators with critical decision making to achieve problem resolution. As an example, the team must choose the right equipment based on changing weather conditions, which greatly affects energy efficiency.

Bill Richards, Senior Network Engineer for Cornell, says, “Year-round, we need to maintain the best service possible to the university with the greatest energy and cost savings. With key information at our fingertips, we can speed troubleshooting, reduce downtime and increase energy savings.”

And, don’t forget—with today’s automation enabled by the Industrial Internet, you not only can respond faster to nighttime, emergency calls but also reduce the number of calls that take place. You can guide operators with electronic work instructions—through day-to-day procedures as well as emergency events. Also, you can use analytics to know the right actions to take to prevent an emergency from occurring.

So, if your phone or tablet is beside the bed, join the club. The Industrial Internet goes anywhere, anytime—even your bedroom, helping you sleep better. Don’t take our word for it—click here to learn more about Cornell or learn about Frost and Sullivan’s new award to GE for technology that supports the Industrial Internet for real-time operational intelligence, 24/7.

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Alicia Bowers believes that automation software can help industrial organizations overcome many challenges, including retiring workforces, global competition, and tightening regulations. She has published in industry magazines, ranging from Food Manufacturing to Hydrocarbon Engineering, and is the recipient of a MESA Outstanding Contribution Award. Connect with Alicia on LinkedIn.

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