What Do You Mean The Internet Is Down??…Dad!

sorry no internetThose are the chilling words that strike terror into any parent of teenage children. In fact, these days any-age children. It’s amazing today how reliant we have become on the Internet, and when we lose connection, the impact it has on the whole family.

In my house, with two kids, when we get an outage, it impacts my home PC, the kids’ laptops, my wife’s iPad®, our streaming movie account, our smart TV connectivity, etc. Not to mention, all our smart phones use the Internet through a micro tower due to the poor signal locally. Oh, and our phone landline is with the cable company as well!

So in summary, no Internet for us means total isolation from the outside world. So God forbid we would actually have to talk to each other, a skill most teenagers use conservatively at the best of times to their parents.

We now have expectations that the Internet should always be “on” and high speed, and we have a generation of young people where this is not optional; it’s a demand. I am from the generation of using hardware CD’s and DVDs; I don’t think my kids have ever owned a CD player. Everything is streamed so there is no “back up” technology they can use.

There is a lot of focus on security in the Internet cloud, and that’s a major thing GE addresses with our Industrial Internet strategy. But just as critical is the robustness and reliability of the connectivity. I think that’s a key differentiator between the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) and our Industrial Internet technology.

Make no doubt about it, this technology shift is happening now in our industry; driven by consumer electronics and the teenagers of today will be the industry leaders of tomorrow with high expectations of our Industrial Internet deliverables.

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Barry Lynch

Barry, Global Marketing Director – Automation Hardware at GE's Automation & Controls business, passionately believes that connected machines, mobile data analytics and workforce enablement don’t have to be hurdles in business today. He leads the strategic direction of the company’s automation and information systems programs to help customers apply the power of the Industrial Internet to their businesses. By connecting machines, data, insights and people, our technology solutions deliver critical insight for greater operational efficiency, effectiveness and optimization. Learn more about how Barry works at GE on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @BarryLynchGE.

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