User Summit Day 1: The People Part of the Equation

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I can still taste it…a Portuguese dish that my grandmother used to make when I was a kid. It was incredible … and it was a dish that I never tasted the same way again after she passed. That was despite both my mom and my aunt having the exact recipe written out in copious detail. Don't get me wrong, the recipes created a perfectly tasty meal that closely resembled those that my Mom's mom made… but it never quite fully captured the overall experience that one would get when they tasted the one grandma made. You see the difference was in the nuance. Every scent inhaled, every sample tasted and even the age of the ingredients used gave my grandmother information that she used to ensure the outcome was exactly what we all desired.

How is this relevant? Glad you asked!

A new age is upon us… an age that has the potential to rival the industrial revolution in terms of its impact to business. It is the age of the Industrial Internet, where data and machines and analytics come together to reduce time-to-insight and, in its purest form, enable predictive behaviors in process and machine. It is the culmination of various technology vectors reaching critical mass at a similar point in time…sensors, virtualization, cloud, big data, analytics and mobility. The promise is massive for sure; however, realizing the full potential of what is possible will require more than just exceptional technology (ingredients). It requires people. People who understand not only what the technology does but how to best apply it to drive the desired outcomes for your business. They are individuals with rich domain expertise and strong listening skills; for it is in that nuance that often the best clues are given to maximize value.

The best technology, the best system, the best solution, still needs the chef’s magic to realize its full potential. Teams, working together, integrating people, machines and data, will create new value, transforming the industry of today into the industry of tomorrow.

Mark Bernardo

Mark believes automation software should deliver relevant information anytime, anywhere. His team is pioneering the use of advanced applications on mobile devices, incorporating the same technology we use in our everyday life to industrial environments. For Mark, real time operational intelligence is available today. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

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