Twitter Chat: Data to Actionable Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime

GE Intelligent Platforms will hold a Twitter Chat, Wednesday, April 17, 11 a.m. EST. The discussion will focus on expanding industry capabilities of mobile technology by using Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI).

RtOI is a paradigm shift in the way infrastructure and manufacturing operations work from the plant floor to the control room to executive dashboards.

RtOI extends the control room for operators beyond staring at screens and interpreting data; they can move freely around the operations. In a Plant Engineering article, Kyle Reissner writes:

“To really unlock an employee’s performance, you have to deliver what means most to the employee—wherever he or she is. Why send fault information to someone who isn’t near the area that requires attention? What’s the use of sending 25 alarms every minute to every client or mobile device and not just to the person who can deal with them?

RtOI has the power to shift the way industrial operations work from the plant floor—through the operational centers to executive dashboards—unlocking double-digit productivity along the way, all the while doing it quickly and in a IT and controls-friendly secure way. Consider taking a fresh look at how you can harness these new software components and smart mobile devices that could take you beyond simply putting your HMI/SCADA system on a tablet.”

RtOITOPICS: Audience participation will determine the direction of the Twitter Chat, but themes we will lead the discussion with include:

  • Applicability of RtOI
  • Geo-positioning to filter data based on location
  • Alarm location and intelligent notification

WHEN: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11 a.m. EST

WHERE: Follow @GE_IP and #RtOI on Twitter

WHO:  Operations and plant managers, production supervisors, engineers and everyone else working or interested in manufacturing technology is invited to tweet their questions, concerns and opinions during the chat.

HOW: Logon to Twitter or use a tool to search for #RtOI. Follow the moderator (@GE_IP) to join the discussion. Ask questions, give answers and share your thoughts by adding the #RtOI hashtag to the end of your tweets.

TIPS: After you’ve setup your Twitter profile, try these tips to make participation

  • Use a Tool—Tools like TweetChat allow you login—with your Twitter username and password—and enter the hashtag you want follow to include at the end of your tweets. This will help you to see only the tweets with #RtOI. Like dialing into your favorite radio station and removing all the unnecessary static and chatter, TwitterChat can help you follow the conversation without being bombarded by other unrelated tweets
  • Plan Ahead—Questions and ideas can move pretty fast in Twitter chats. Read up on the subject matter and take a moment to jot down any questions or thoughts you want to share with the group before the chat begins.
  • Follow, Listen and Participate—Without a tool, you can follow the #RtOI Twitter Chat by searching for the #RtOI hashtag on Twitter. Click on the hashtag to find what participants are saying and follow the moderator to see the latest questions. Share your thoughts, ask your questions, and be sure to always include #RtOI at the end of your tweets.