Trust in Your Community

My last posting centered on the ability of digital natives to use technology to achieve results through communities. My follow-on hypothesis is that we are fast developing a culture that trusts community content more than individual recommendations. Here are a few examples:

First, Wikipedia, which consists almost exclusively of community-created and community reviewed and approved content is the de-facto encyclopedic reference most of us use.

Second, we also rely on peer recommendations when making purchasing decisions involving things we are not familiar with. For example, when planning a vacation to a new destination many of us trust the aggregate set of recommendations from sites like TripAdvisor ahead of the recommendation of a single travel agent.

Third, open source software is a different expression of community-created and community-reviewed content that continues to see adoption rate growth, because of security, performance and continuous enhancement benefits.

We see an opportunity to enhance the capabilities and stability of control systems while reducing their deployment costs by incorporating aspects of community inspired, developed and reviewed content. More to come in the next few weeks as we launch our own trusted community.

Comments welcome!

Bernie Anger

A firm believer in group think, Bernie is a visionary in leveraging Cloud technology for manufacturing and industrial applications. Look for Bernie on Twitter @bernieanger and follow his tweets about Cloud and its impact on our Connected World.

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