Top 10 Ways Software Can Help Assure Your Food Safety Management System

appleFood recalls are costly, time consuming and can even destroy a company. As a manufacturer, software technology can help assure your food safety management system by enabling you to:

  1. Digitize your HACCP procedures DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  2. Electronically document how an alarm, alert or non-compliance was corrected with text and pictures DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  3. Provide real-time escalating alerts when non-compliance occursDESCRIPTION OF LINK
  4. Eliminate use of maintenance logbooks and paper records DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  5. Digitize your Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (sSOPs) DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  6. Deliver automated quality and food safety reports, anytime, anywhere DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  7. Digitize your Pest Control Program Procedures and validate utilizing location aware/geo-intelligence DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  8. Digitally track and trace raw materials through each step of the process DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  9. Recognize how varying quality specifications of raw materials affect processing and the final finished product DESCRIPTION OF LINK
  10. Easily and quickly access data for audit and compliance reporting DESCRIPTION OF LINK

Food safety is everyone's responsibility. At GE, we work with everyone, from owners to plant operators, engineers and line workers to drive safer processes throughout all operations. What’s more, implementing a food safety solution doesn’t mean you’ve got to make a huge upfront capital investment—you just need to get started. And with today’s technologies, that starting point can make a difference, and even save your business from a disastrous recall. See GE's food safety solutions.

Katie Moore

Katie Moore believes that brilliant manufacturing will transform the industry, giving early adopters of connected technology a lead in the competitive marketplace. A former plant manager, Katie has managed plant operations for Bimbo Bakeries USA, Sara Lee Corporation and Anheuser-Busch.

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