There's Machines in This Cloud

Machines in the Cloud

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The cloud: the name itself evokes the light and airy. But increasingly we’re evolving the capability of the cloud to something that’s anything but.

Today, we announced GE Predix Cloud, secure platform as a service capabilities built from the ground up to handle data of any size, volume or velocity from the world’s industrial machines. GE’s Predix Cloud is going to reduce costs, slash rollout times, even spur the development of new business models. Predix is a powerful, secure software platform developed by GE specifically to connect people, data and machines over the Industrial Internet.

I’ve been talking for the past few months about the convergence of IT and OT and what industrial CIOs must do to take advantage of this sea change in how we do business. The cloud is a critical piece of that transformation. At GE, we’ve used it to deploy applications faster, run fewer data centers and cut costs. In fact, we are developing the majority of our new enterprise applications in the cloud.

Industries from aviation to healthcare to oil & gas to transportation are also turning to the cloud as they increasingly embed sensor technology into their machines to report on performance in real time. Huge volumes of structured and unstructured data are already flowing from those machines and the volume will only increase in the next five years as 50 billion machines connect to the Industrial Internet.

Our customers understand that industrial companies must turn into software companies to stay competitive, eliminate downtime and reduce costs. Until now, that critical piece has been missing. Historically, enterprise cloud architecture didn’t meet the unique needs of industrial data—like the 3D image outputs from MRI machines. Industrial companies needed a secure and scalable cloud that could capture the complexity of machine data while also satisfying stringent security and regulatory requirements. More to the point, our customers’ customers—the airlines’ passengers, hospitals’ patients and retailers who are waiting for freight shipments—needed to be confident in the security of this data. GE Predix Cloud meets those needs…and more.

Connected Industry

Today’s announcement illustrates how we are leaning into the Industrial Cloud in a big way. Why? Because we speak the language of industry. We’re well down the road in our own journey with the Industrial Internet and have used the insights we’ve gained from our own experience to build the Predix Cloud from the ground up. That experience has driven us to focus on security, with customized, adaptive solutions for operators and developers.

There is no doubt in my mind that GE’s Predix Cloud will drive the digitization of industry. In practical terms, that means more responsive healthcare, more efficient factories, more productive oil wells, all working in a secure environment. It’s how industry is going to move forward in the coming decades.

So get in now and start seeing those benefits today.

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