Tackle Tasks with Exception-Based Management

iphone notification bagesThose of you who know me, realize that I am a bit of a tech geek. Ten years ago I bought the first generation iPod for the price of a small mortgage, which by the way still powers up and syncs with iTunes over Firewire … just sayin’. At work I use both an iPad and iPhone, and have become accustomed to the regular red circles (Apple calls them badges) on app icons indicating that something needs attention: I have received an email, I need to update an app, I received a text message, and so on.

Now, I am a believer in experiencing different technology options, so for Christmas I convinced my better half to buy me my first Android tablet. Until I started using it, I never realized how accustomed I had become to a particular way of interacting with the flagged tasks (the red circles or badges). The Android device has a different, but not totally unfamiliar approach. It captures all the tasks as they occur, and lists them in the top corner of the tablet. When I use the Android, I simply hit the top corner and the tasks appear in chronological order of activity. As with my Apple devices, but in a different fashion, when I select a task, such as a Facebook post, the application opens directing me to the actual task. If a task arrives regarding an email, the actual email opens, not the whole inbox.

To me, the way in which my smart devices notify me of activity and new communication (someone Likes my Facebook photo; I have a missed call) is of real value because it saves time by easily allowing me to prioritize and execute my task list. It really brought home something I have been preaching for many years in manufacturing: exception based data management is the best way to handle multiple complex tasks.

It is "all about me,” whether I am on my personal device or on the production line. Show me what I need to do, help me prioritize and make it easy for me to complete my tasks. I am convinced the more and more we can expand this capability throughout our offerings, the greater the value to the users. 

Thoughts, comments??

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