My Son, Spiderman and Leaps of Faith

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you know I encourage everyone to challenge the status quo. But, today, I’m going to encourage you to do something a little different...challenge us and don’t just take a leap of faith. A point inspired by my two-and-a-half year old son, Ryker.

Kyle SonMany times, parents deal with dramatic child situations…last Saturday, Ryker got into an emotional tantrum, brought on by the word “no” with the precursor being he just can’t walk around all day and night in his Halloween Spiderman costume. To silence the deafening screaming that quickly followed, I went to the fridge and mixed up some sparkling water with some orange juice.

When I handed it to him, I said, “Just try this,” and to my surprise, the noise stopped and he listened to me. What this means, at least in the logical part of my brain, is that I’m prescribing something of value, he’s taking a leap of faith that I’ll solve his problem, and he simply takes the cup, stops crying, and forgets about what he really wanted.

Later that night, I remembered what I described to my wife as the “Spiderman situation,” and I pondered the question: Are consumer and industrial companies marketing products and solutions to simply get you to try something? Do they require customers to take a “leap of faith” to just believe?

You’ve all been in a sales pitch where you get the message, “Just buy our products, believe in our story and you’ll see improvements that are the equivalent to saving the planet.” In the real industrial world, we all pick and choose products carefully – unlike my son where I decide what to give him and things end up better.

As part of GE’s Proficy software group, I’m passionate about our products, which enable industrial mobility like no others have on the market. And, I’ve taken a keen interest to ensure that we, as a GE team, are not presenting at trade shows or talking with customers about mobility in a “we know what’s best for you” fashion. Industrial users have complex technology and are motivated by what works for them as a whole—not what the vendor is prescribing to them.

Now we believe the real benefit of mobility will only be seen in industry if the system behind the devices is smart enough to transform data into real actionable information and deliver it in a true mobile fashion… all we’re asking you is to believe with us. Consider this a philosophy, an idea—and not a cup of sparkling water with orange juice!

To that point I haven’t come across one customer in over two years that can’t agree with that statement – in my opinion, a great starting point for a collaborative relationship focused on tangible results. What I’m also reminded of after engaging with customers who believe what we believe is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all product; it has to be a solution rather than a single product. You have to see what works in your organization, determine how to use software and devices to really transform data into information, and put together a multi-vendor data source and device strategy.

Industrial mobility isn’t a trend…it’s real and happening today, and we’re not asking you to take a leap of faith. It’s a collaborative solution engagement that focuses on how mobility will drive real-time operational intelligence for your organization.

What GE brings to the table from a product perspective is a variety of open and layerable ground-breaking software components that can enable YOUR mobile journey at the operational layer. And we understand that your mobile journey may very well start with a small steps like simple browser-based viewing KPI’s, connecting your HMI/SCADAs, historizing your data/alarms, deploying tablets, BYOD integration, true mobile app adoption with embedded real-time analytics, mobile notifications, MDM, geo-intelligence, workflows, and so on.

To gain insight into our perspectives, feel free to view our video on real-time operational intelligence or read our ebook and learn how mobility, analytics and geo-Intelligence have evolved automation beyond the old central control room model.

See if you believe what we believe. Then connect with us and our partners…and if you really want, we’ll make it a Spiderman-themed first meeting.

Kyle Reissner

Kyle believes that we’re on the cusp of an industrial mobile revolution. As a member of the Global Product Management team at GE, Kyle focuses on mobile real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) solutions that enable all levels of the industrial workforce to be connected anywhere with the right information at the right time.

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