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Pokemon Go

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If I created a new app called “PROFINET Go,” I’m pretty sure it would not be as popular as Pokémon Go. If you’re not familiar with Pokémon Go—first of all—where the heck have you been? Second, here’s what it is, in the rare event you’ve missed it—recycled pocket monsters (Pokémon) from the ’80s appear in your smartphone Pokémon Go app by utilizing your camera and GPS, creating virtual reality appearances of the beasties. You collect them and somehow this is addicting.

PROFINET Go is different. My virtual reality app will superimpose the PROFINET logo on actual places where PROFINET is used. This will make up for all the published application stories I read that do not mention PROFINET, even though I know PROFINET is really there. (These stories don’t mention the use of electricity either—PROFINET and electricity are just part of the expected infrastructure apparently.)

That auto plant you pass every day on the way to work—PROFINET is there.

The water treatment plant in your town—PROFINET is there.

The mobile fracking chemical plant that was towed past you—PROFINET is there.

The grain elevators throughout Middle America—PROFINET is there.

The food plant making cookies or potato chips—PROFINET is there.

The airplane factory—PROFINET is there.

They should all just put a PROFINET logo on their buildings, then I would not need to imagine the PROFINET GO app.

But until the PROFINET Go app appears, at least you can download the PROFINEWS app

Carl Henning

Carl has had experience with a machinery maker, a process instrument company, several system integrators, an HMI company, and now with PI North America. He focuses on educating the industrial automation market about PROFINET. Carl blogs about industrial automation, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet at

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Hi Carl, we would buy your app for sure. And we could contribute a lot of actual places. Meanwhile, we work hard to improve PROFINET's acceptance and prominence with our own means. One of our latest measures is a movie: PROFINET - Technology made easy. Have a look: Best regards

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