Collaboration and Innovation Will Pave the Way for Improvement

[audio:/sites/geautomation/files/userfiles/images/blog-comm/2013/04/13-GE-0118-GE-Alan-Podcast.mp3 |titles=Collaboration and Innovation]It's time to look at what challenges the world has presented us with and figure out innovative ways to solve those challenges. The aging water infrastructure is an important issue in our world that can no longer be ignored. Intelligent platforms will be key in providing advanced solutions to the water infrastructure. Download full podcast here →

Implications of Connected World on Industry and Today's Workforce

[audio:/sites/geautomation/files/userfiles/images/blog-comm/2013/09/GE-Implications.mp3 |titles=Implications of Connected World]The world becomes more and more connected every day. A major component of that connected world is the development of a connected workplace. M2M and connected devices are rapidly changing the way we all make a living. Listen as Jim Walsh, Vice President and General Manager of Software and Services at GE Intelligent Platforms, talks about the implications of this connected world on industry and today’s workforce on the Peggy Smedley Radio Show. Download full podcast here →