Own, Share, Sell: The Value of Data (Part 2)

In part two, Bernie Anger, General Manager of Control and Communication Systems at GE Intelligent Platforms, answers, “What is the value in connecting my automation architecture?”

The simple way I like to describe why it matters involves the value of owning the data, sharing the data or selling the data that is actually captured in a control system today. Think about how some of the best known social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, have created value from their data.  Your first step should be to determine how a dimension of architecturing automation could apply to your business.

In part one, Bernie Anger gave examples of how to derive new value from having ready access to owning, sharing and selling data.

Bernie Anger

A firm believer in group think, Bernie is a visionary in leveraging Cloud technology for manufacturing and industrial applications. Look for Bernie on Twitter @bernieanger and follow his tweets about Cloud and its impact on our Connected World.

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