OEMs Need to Monitor their Babies

shutterstock_36834514To the average consumer, IOT (Internet of Things) may feel like a distant concept.   Phrases like “cloud” and “IOT” likely form images of a data center full of computer servers humming away with engineers in lab coats milling about.  Reality is much closer to home, and many of us are already part of a connected world living inside the “cloud.”

We all want to monitor our things… all the time

The desire to monitor things that are important to us is already a reality.  Baby monitors started as a luxury that concerned parents purchased to alert them to the slightest baby squeal.  Today, anyone can have access to Internet-based baby video monitoring(1).   Home security monitoring via cellphone has also evolved into the mainstream(2).   Not only can we see how often our home is entered, we can arm and disarm our alarm systems or monitor video feeds from our mobile device while we’re away from home or even out of the country.

Where will it stop?

Baby monitors and home security systems are the tip of the monitoring industry iceberg.  New homes are being built with connectivity as a fundamental component(3).  The ability to monitor home security, energy usage and control access to family members is here to stay with rapid function evolution.

Industrial applications of remote monitoring are further progressing as functionalities increase and big data processing becomes manageable, affordable and accessible to even small companies(4) OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are realizing the value of remote monitoring to expand service offerings, enhance customer relationships and predict quality problems(5).

Machine babies

Large machine makers realize that their (machine) babies are extremely valuable too, and they need to keep a close watch on them at all times.  Downtime or outages in large industrial settings are extremely expensive in terms of lost production, damaged reputation, and negative impact on the bottom line.  When every second counts, anticipating or responding to an emergency is extremely valuable.

Machines squeal even louder than babies. But if OEMs aren’t listening, can they do anything about it?

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