Mining for Profit


CaptureFrom listening and participating at our Mining & Metals Summit in South Africa,  I certainly understand the pressure in the mining industry more deeply.

Our potential customers--many just like you--told  us that life is tough….and that the gloomy research reports are describing, unfortunately, exactly what you’re living.

Commodity prices are down. Revenue is down. Profit margins are down. Stock prices are down. Costs are up. Unrest is up. And layoffs are up.

CEOs have a new mandate today--to focus on the productivity of existing operations.

This pressure affects you and everyone around you.

Now is NOT the time to continue to pour good money down a risky hole. Rather, now is the time to decrease costs and fix the productivity inefficiencies that probably crept into your operations when they weren’t a priority.

You now need to manage your margins in this new climate of austerity.

Here at GE, we think the answers to many of your problems are hidden in your equipment and process data—data that you’re probably already collecting but not using to full potential. Leveraging your data by doing advanced analytics on it often can mean the difference between a business with significant profit and margin pressure.

In my next blog, I’ll describe what we like to call GE’s  “stairway to value”--the steps you can take to work with your data and improve your productivity and margins.  And, as proof, I’ll describe real case examples of the value that our customers are achieving when they take these steps, like:

5% increase in asset availability

5% increase in throughput

50% reduction in flow variation

25% increase in feed rate consistency

I will be delivering more on this subject in upcoming weeks.

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