The Million Dollar Big Data Question Is...

Where do you get the value from big data? That’s what companies want to know. Hear Brian Courtney share his insights on how companies such as those in industries like oil and gas can use data to create better models, enable better understanding, and drive better planning for maximized production. Imagine if oil and gas companies could use big data to know where to go to drill and how much they could get for optimized efficiency to support their investment decisions.

Watch the video to learn more.

Brian Courtney

A recent transplant to the MidWest, Brian thinks Big Data “rocks.” He’s recently taken the Analytics piece of GE’s business under his wing, so if you have thoughts on any of these – MidWest, Big Data or Predictive Analytics – even rocks – follow Brian on Twitter @brianscourtney.

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For me the benefits are clear. Would anyone drive an automobile blindfolded, gagged, ears muffled, hands tied behind their backs and legs tied together? Of course not, they'd wreck, exactly what is happing in businesses today as I write. Lots of unseen and unheard events catching out businesses causing disruption.

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