Listening While Talking…Of Course That’s Possible!

Listening while talkingWhile my wife might disagree, I believe you can effectively listen while talking. Like her, you’re all saying, “Yeah, right.” And I get that. However, before you dismiss me completely, I’d like to give a little background into why I believe this oh-so-obvious paradox.

Those of you who read my blog bio (both of you), saw I claimed to ascribe to Diogenes saying, “We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.” A pretty odd claim for a blog biography description. Aren’t blogs distribution channels for talking on the internet?

Yep. They sure are. However, social media can be a really effective tool for listening, not just sharing. According to an article on The New York Times website entitled “The Economics of Blogging and The Huffington Post” by Nate Silver, blog posts on The Huffington Post receive an average of 40 comments and a median of 11 comments. That’s a whole lot of listening enabled through one blog post.

At this point you may be asking, “Why does he care about listening to me?” In short, because I have to, but more importantly because I want to. At GE, listening to our customers is critical and we’re always striving to make improvements to ensure the best customer experience. For example, our upcoming User Summit in October is a great way to not only gain insight into our latest technology solutions and network with peers, but also to share your thoughts in person. So we can listen and take appropriate action.

As the recently hired Customer Experience Leader at GE Intelligent Platforms, I’m focused daily on learning about and understanding your needs so I can be a better internal advocate. An advocate that focuses on minimizing the time it takes you to receive value from our solutions and achieve sustainable advantage in the marketplace. I take that as your challenge to me.

So here’s my challenge to you: Respond to this post!

I’d love to hear your stories about working with GE Intelligent Platforms or help find what you’re seeking from us. Feel free to share what’s on your mind or find inspiration with one of the options below:

  • Tell me about your most recent project with us.
  • Share your thoughts on the Industrial Internet and how we can help.
  • Let me know what you need most from us.
  • Explain how you’ve seen us act as a technology leader.
  • Suggest ways I can assist you and your organization.

I’ve set a goal of 50 comments but I’d love your help surpassing that goal.

If you’re internet-shy or would prefer to respond in private, please connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email.

Looking forward to hearing from you here, or even better, seeing you at our User Summit!