It’s a Connected World and We Just Work in It

The world becomes more and more connected every day and it has made its impact in the business realm. Machine-to-Machine, or M2M, is changing the workplace.

Just recently, Peggy Smedley invited me on her radio show where we talked about this concept and how it translates into the Industrial world.

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In a manufacturing environment, many types of manufacturing equipment have the ability to create data. Once we gather that data, organize it and learn from it, people can and will work more efficiently. The control layer is at the foundation of it all - through SCADA and data collection up to data management and analytics.

Sensor technology also plays a role. It enables devices and machines to become more intelligent because of the ability to collect so many disparate types of data. The concept of intelligent machines translates into the ability to get data from a device, and then use that data to make an informed decision. Some people refer to it as “actionable data.”

In a previous role, I was involved in a Six Sigma assignment – foundationally gathering data and then applying statistical tools to make better decisions. The task of just getting the data was almost impossible. A few years later, we’ve conquered the task of data collection. Now we’re all trying to figure out how to make some sense of it and derive business value from it. Otherwise, it’s just piles of data.

Beyond data, another facet of this connected world is that enterprises are trying to run their businesses in a more centralized way, while workforces are more distributed. We have absolutely bought into this notion of the Connected World and its powerful role in enabling the Industrial Internet. What we don’t want is the Industrial Internet to be just a mantra that sounds good and that everybody rallies around. We want it to be a mantra, however we are striving to develop very real solutions that deliver hard ROI for our customers, in order to support that mantra. We feel strongly that this is the start of the next Industrial Revolution and we aim to lead it.

We’re having a Connected World event on October 15 in Chicago to continue this dialogue. We hope you can join us.

Jim Walsh

Jim understands the challenges his customers face because he’s been in their shoes. As general manager of Automation & Controls from GE, Jim helps our customers with the only value proposition he feels matters in today’s connected world: growing their competitive edge.

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