Have You Ever Had Lunch with a Regulatory Cheerleader?

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When was the last time you picked up the phone and invited a regulatory or insurance person to lunch? If the answer is no, you might be forgetting about your best cheerleader.

Technology-enabled tracking is playing a role in everything we do in our daily lives; we’re even tracking our fitness. Look around: How many fitness devices do you see tracking how many steps we take, how well we’re sleeping, and even how we’re doing in our quest for fitness compared to people we don’t even know?

Now think about your business. What do we track within our facility, and just as important, what are we tracking in our customers’ facilities? How many sensors have we installed onto devices because government regulations or insurance requires it; and we send it all to the cloud, so we can monitor our facilities from anywhere, anytime. 

Getting back to the cheerleaders, I had a chance to meet one recently. I was visiting a client’s facility and came in contact with their Factory Mutual insurance examiner. As we were talking, he noticed the 32-inch monitor displaying all the devices and saw some were moving and some were not moving. Nothing special, as they see it every day and everyone has this stuff, right? WRONG! 

As I was talking to him, he learned more about how we were using all the collected data and applying analytics in order to predict events and situations prior to the alarms sounding. This conversation carried over into a two-hour lunch, and at the end, he was asked to bring his staff to the location so they could see technology the way it should be presented and delivered. Since that day at lunch, we have received calls from existing and new customers asking about the technology the insurance examiner was talking about.

We all have our specific customers and sales people excited about these new products in technology, but let me ask this question again: Have you ever had lunch with a regulatory cheerleader? 

Regulations are important, and they keep us safe. After all, if there was never a mistake that caused an incident, there would never have been a regulation. The jobs inspectors provide are important, and if you take time to educate them on how you are providing technology, like GE’s Equipment Insight solution, to predict events, they will become your best cheerleaders.

Now, are you ready to pick up the phone and extend an invitation?

Adrian Merrill

Adrian’s passion for and 25+ year experience in technology and start-up companies is the driving force behind his operational leadership at TempuTech. As Vice President of Operations he empowers the vision for developing and managing the company’s business model and process. www.temputech.com

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Nice blog Adrian. This is one avenue I had not even thought of. Thanks for sharing your story.

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