GE Customers: Expect to be Delighted


As consumers, we’ve all had a range of customer experiences. Some that weren’t good at all, where we vowed we’d never go back. And some that fell in the “okay but could’ve been better” category. And then, few and far in between, there are some experiences that just stood out as exceptional—where we would not Untitledonly do business there again, we’d even recommend it to others.

So what makes a customer experience exceptional? Is it the company’s website? A knowledgeable phone rep? A collaborative in-person meeting? Fast, effective post-sales support?

Well, most likely it’s not one thing but the entire “journey”—from the time you start interacting with a company to the time you’re a power user of their products. The whole experience is great, leaving you feeling well served and happy, even delighted.

That’s what we strive for our customers to experience. Every day.

At GE, customers come first. We understand that you come to us to achieve goals—whether it’s to increase revenue, reduce energy costs, minimize downtime, or other. Whatever your goals may be, we’re on the journey with you to help you achieve them. And we’re committed to making it the best experience for you that it can be.

Based on your input, we’re putting additional resources behind our commitment to make your experience exceptional. We’re more actively engaging with you to build a continuous feedback loop. We want to find out what’s most important to you, to learn what we’re doing well, and to uncover the areas that can be improved upon so we can take action.

We want to delight you every step of the way—from the moment you engage with us to the time after you’re using our solution. And we know the journey doesn’t end there—it evolves, and we’re here to address your needs at that point too. Your positive experience from now into the future is a priority for us.

So tell us what you think. How can we make your experience with GE exceptional?

Renee Armstrong

Always willing to try new things in marketing, Renee is “connecting” via collaborative technologies every day. Look for Renee on Twitter @ReneeKArmstrong and follow her tweets about the Industrial Internet and how it is changing the industry today.

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