The Foundation of the Industrial Internet

Customers often ask, “What is the base capability you need to realize the Industrial Internet?” According to Rich Carpenter, connectivity is a key element. By that he means connectivity to your equipment, the analytics, and the cloud. That’s why GE is delivering solutions for customers that provide connectivity while preserving legacy applications—enabling them to be augmented to leverage a rich set of analytics enabled by the Industrial Internet.

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Rich Carpenter

Driving technical innovation is at the heart of Rich Carpenter's world. As the Chief Technology Strategist for GE's Intelligent Platforms business, Rich keeps abreast of new ideas and emerging technologies that apply in today's connected world.

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Will there be "Analytics as a Services" emerge out of this Industrial Internet platform. If so, which industries in your opinion pioneer such trend despite cyber-security issues?
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We see many services emerging from the Industrial Internet platform. Analytics as a Service is just one. Data as a Service, Data Engineering as a Service, Predictive Diagnostics as a Service, Quality as a Service are a few other examples. The industries with the highest value equipment or production processes are the most likely to be early adopters. Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Manufacturing are areas we see early adoption of these concepts.

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