Facebook for Industry – Mobility + Data + Analytics is a NOW Thing!


Facebook has transformed how many of us use the Internet. It is a great tool to help people easily keep in touch with friends and family, share pictures/video, and play games. Let’s face it, Facebook is the single largest collective of people ever in the history of mankind, and it’s changed how we interact socially.

When you add the fact that almost 70% of access to Facebook is mobile, the impact broadens tremendously. Facebook’s genius is how the back-end systems dynamically adapt to real-time situations with historical intelligence through simple to use interfaces. That is how they are elevated beyond just a social network, to become a platform for real-time, social intelligence.

What if we swapped the users out as data sources and put machines in? Could this drive better efficiency in manufacturing plants? In water authorities? For power & energy companies? For big oil? Imagine harnessing the power of Facebook in industry. Imagine monitoring all your big and small data repositories coming from your existing systems and machines, introducing a layer of “intelligence” above those systems that use analytics on the back end to automatically sift through it and have a system push the right information to the right person over a simple to use app interface. This is essentially what Facebook is doing…they just have data inputs that are human.

In industry, could these types of systems improve efficiency of workers? Could it save them time? Could it be the spark for industrial adoption of tablets and smartphones in order to truly mobilize employees?

As I’ve talked to more and more peers and customers about this concept over the last year, I realized that a Facebook for industry isn't that far away, in fact, it’s a now thing. If only we had a spark to set these concepts in motion—this could start a revolution. I know using the word “revolution” may be a bit much, but the reality is that one in six people on the planet have been part of the Facebook social network revolution. And that revolution really took off when mobile apps on smartphones sparked instant access and data sharing to new levels. That said, we don’t have to look too far for the spark to make Facebook for industry a reality. I believe industrial mobility is that spark. These technologies are not just for our personal lives, they have tremendous value in industry as well. And to make this happen, we in the industry need to look at mobility far differently than simply putting existing user interfaces on tablets.

I believe this can truly change the game for industry, so much so, I wrote an ebook on it, which you can download. Take ten minutes and read my thoughts in more detail. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with me on how Facebook concepts would be applied in industry and how mobility could be that spark.

Kyle Reissner

Kyle believes that we’re on the cusp of an industrial mobile revolution. As a member of the Global Product Management team at GE, Kyle focuses on mobile real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) solutions that enable all levels of the industrial workforce to be connected anywhere with the right information at the right time.

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