Enable Your Workforce Through Teamwork

DCIM100GOPROThis month, my family participated in the Komen Race for the Cure. We were amazed by more than 10,000 people participating in just this one race in the South Carolina Lowcountry and the spirit of making a difference together as a team.

We saw this spirit everywhere, embodied in the racers’ enthusiasm and in the sea of pink. On the shuttle ride over to the race, a man commented about the many boys wearing pink, including long pink socks, something they would otherwise never do. But, the spirit of a good cause and team pervaded – and the Susan G. Komen organization has invested almost $2 billion in the fight against cancer.

The ability to make a difference through teamwork and the power in numbers is something we also see in industrial operations, especially with the continuing lagging economy. Our customers with the spirit to make a difference and rally teams to take on challenges are the ones who are doing better. It can be hard, after years of sluggish markets, but a group of people with a common goal is powerful.

At GE, we have teams working to simplify processes to make us faster and more nimble in responding to problems. Management rewards ideas for simplification, and teams take on challenges to analyze and improve processes. Our software backs us up – helping to collect data for the long term and allowing us to use even simple analytics on processes to drive gains.

Our customers have the same advantages. As an example, take a continuous improvement team at a food manufacturer that monitors a temperature data point, puts a simple analytic on it and predicts the temperature based on a statistical model. The team can then push alarms to operators to ensure action is taken faster, before batches are ruined. Saving one batch from being ruined means a lot – and over time, as more batches are saved, it takes on even greater significance. We've seen these types of gains from customer teams across industries.

These gains could just as easily exist at your organization through leveraging your current software infrastructure. Maybe you’re on a team now to make improvements – or maybe you can start a team and drive the change. It just takes one person with a positive attitude and spirit to fight to get the energy going across a group.

Looking for inspiration?  Check out some of our case studies – these are real companies, just like yours. We've helped them, and we can help your team, too. Just ask us – and, you don’t even have to wear pink.

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Alicia Bowers

Alicia Bowers believes that automation software can help industrial organizations overcome many challenges, including retiring workforces, global competition, and tightening regulations. She has published in industry magazines, ranging from Food Manufacturing to Hydrocarbon Engineering, and is the recipient of a MESA Outstanding Contribution Award. Connect with Alicia on LinkedIn.

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