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Whether you’re producing widgets, cereals, oil or any other product, everybody wants to reduce costs. Everybody wants to get it done quicker. Everybody wants to avoid downtime. To achieve these critical goals, the Alliance for Innovation in Operational Excellence (AIOE) believes companies need a base of assets to optimize performance—driving safety, quality, predictability and more. And it all starts with controlling the data and making it accessible.

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Steve Schlegel

Steve Schlegel is co-managing director of the Alliance for Innovation and Operational Excellence. Launched by PMMI in 2011, AIOE is a forum where engineering and operations professionals from consumer goods companies and their solutions providers can address key issues and best practices. There are over 90 CPG companies and 30 suppliers collaborating on solutions to operational challenges in areas such as workforce, operational reliability, product safety, sanitary equipment design, packaging, TCO and sustainability.

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