Controls Summit: Great Minds Think Together

GE Controls Summit
As GE continues its journey to becoming the world's leading Digital Industrial Company, we at Automation & Controls are focusing on the essential role our controls solutions will play in that evolution. Today, in conjunction with GE's Global Research Center (GRC) and GE Digital, we are hosting product managers, engineering managers and key technologists from across the Company for a one-day Controls Summit in Niskayuna, NY (U.S.).


I can think of no better host and setting for this discussion to take place. The Global Research Center has been the inspirational foundation for some of the most significant steps in our company's history. Going back to the days of our founder Thomas Edison, members of GE have gathered at GRC locations to think, collaborate, experiment and learn together.


Today will be no different.


Today we take a critical step in the realization of GE's Digital Industrial vision. Our experts Rich Carpenter, Rod Rice, Steve Pavlosky, Amy Aragones and others are joining me to discuss how our advanced controls are already disrupting the industrial automation market.


And today we move a significant step toward reimagining our control solutions to ensure they continue to help customers meet today's business challenges.


May our journey and yours continue to break new ground together.



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Jim Walsh

Jim understands the challenges his customers face because he’s been in their shoes. As general manager of Automation & Controls from GE, Jim helps our customers with the only value proposition he feels matters in today’s connected world: growing their competitive edge.

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Jim - why do some GE divisions use control solutions that are supplied by other automation companies? This seems counter to your ultimate goal?
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There are a number of reasons that businesses across GE might currently be using competitive controls. Sometimes the business in question was an acquisition and had standardized on a competitive controls platform. In other cases, businesses are playing in markets that are hugely price sensitive and perhaps our historical line was too heavy/costly for the market. There is a renewed GE2GE thrust in the company … from Jeff on down, we are all being pushed to work together as a GE family versus continue to spend money with our competitors. From an Automation & Controls standpoint, though, we have an obligation to deliver capabilities and breadth that make it easy and intuitive for the businesses to “do the right thing”. That is what we have in mind with our new Industrial Internet control solutions. I think with the capabilities, the secure connection to Predix, and the forward/backward compatibility, we will give all of the businesses more than they have ever had before.

Jim, I'd like to learn more about GE's OPC UA initiatives and roadmaps for adding OPC UA Clients and Servers. Where would I start? 251.234.1078

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