Can Connectivity and Security Go Hand in Hand?

GE IP computer security

Since I started traveling around the world toward the end of 2011 sharing our vision of how automation has to adapt to the needs of a connected world, I have witnessed a significant transition in the reaction to the message from the audience. By way of example, at a recent event in the Middle East, a customer panel had a lively debate about how to ensure that connectivity and security went hand in hand. Strong contrast with the original reaction, which often sounded like, "Nice theory, but I don’t see it at my plant/process."

How do we make things secure? In one phrase: By embracing open standards across the stack. Hackers are clever, and you can only keep up with them by taking advantage of the combined IQ of our global village.

What are your thoughts?

Bernie Anger

A firm believer in group think, Bernie is a visionary in leveraging Cloud technology for manufacturing and industrial applications. Look for Bernie on Twitter @bernieanger and follow his tweets about Cloud and its impact on our Connected World.

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