Beyond the Horizon: Intel's #IoT Strategy


One of the greatest things about events like Embedded World is the facetime with my Intel friends—like at their IoT Alliance Connections event earlier this week, here in Nuremberg. As you can imagine, Intel is poised to do very well as the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet continues to build momentum.

While the folks at Intel have admitted that there is very little Intel silicon in the estimated 50B devices in the Internet of Things, the opportunities for growing their share is absolutely huge. And Intel is not about to sit idly and wait for it to happen. They are probably one of the best-placed companies out there that can see the market forming over the horizon and strategically build an ecosystem that optimally positions them for the opportunity.

They’re busy hiring experts in industries such as energy, mining, transportation, manufacturing and medical. These experts will be able to talk to other experts in their field—not traditional Intel customers, but their customers’ customers, or even further down the supply chain. The whole idea is to learn as much as they can about the problems and applications in a particular market in order to craft solutions.

Check out the following video about a Swedish company that leverages the IoT for building management.

See the Intel connection there? No? Intel does not sell directly to Coor Service Management, but some of its customers will—or the customers of its customers. The idea is to build the market for an ecosystem of providers and it all trickles back to Intel.

Like most IoT solutions…smart.

Image credit: Intel.

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