Better Together

This week in San Francisco, GE conducted an Industrial Big Data Summit where we and our brethren at the GE Software Center announced breakthrough technology that addresses the large amount of data that exists in business today.

As an automation business within GE, I’m often asked about the Software Center. How do we work together? Do our missions differ? My answer is, “No, we are a team. We complement, share and push together towards a common goal … always learning along the way, we are better together.”

Approximately two years ago, GE made a huge investment in software by establishing this Center in San Ramon, California. The goal was to establish a centralized team that would mobilize more than 5,000 software engineers to accelerate innovation, collaboration and commercialization of software systems across GE. The team would work on intelligent, connected systems that would harness “Big Data” and essentially build GE’s Industrial Internet and help the GE businesses serve our customers with state-of-the-art software solutions.

This Software Center is a massive investment by GE. Our leader, Jeff Immelt, recently announced he will invest $1 billion in developing applications that combine machine diagnostics and analytics. This is a space where we are playing and growing. We are collectively focused on developing solutions for customers in a fast, effective, thoughtful way.

The approximately 425 software professionals in the San Ramon Center are helping us to look forward -- to be more, and offer more to our customers than we do right now. They make us think about our software offerings in a different way. Where do we want to be? How do we do it faster? How do I get data out of that control layer and make it accessible? Can we make assets more autonomous?

How do we take our customers to the next step? Through the Software Center, GE is investing in new technologies, like Pivotal, so we can quickly build and deploy Big Data business applications like Proficy Historian HD, the first solution to combine industrial data and analytics with elastic capacity creating a Big Data solution built on Hadoop; an important step toward GE’s vision for the Industrial Internet.

The Software Center is building the infrastructure, the fabric, the platform to enable our Industrial Internet. Together we are making those solutions a reality for our customers.

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