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Vibhoosh Gupta has more than 16 years of product management, product marketing and engineering experience with a passion to conceive new ideas and grow businesses. In his current role Vibhoosh is leading GE's Automation and Controls Industrial Automation [VG] product portfolio, where he is working on making the Industrial Internet real. Vibhoosh received his MBA from F.W.Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson and Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering degree from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, in India.

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Future of Controls

A Journey into the Future of Controls: Let’s Go Where No One Has Gone Before

I recently wrote a blog post called “ Why Connectivity to Controls Matters ,” where I discussed the concept of an “Advise” layer enabled by connectivity and how this optimizes machines and processes much like how connectivity has made humans more efficient. Last month we introduced this idea to our North American channel partners. I was delighted and encouraged by how the message resonated with the more than 150 people in attendance. I was...


What Does It Mean to Be Achilles Certified?

Cyber security is a critical component of the Industrial Internet. While there are many benefits to connecting machines, with this connectivity comes increased risk that processes and data can be attacked or accessed by unauthorized users. The numbers around cyber security are staggering. Cyber security incidents are on the rise, increasing nearly 40% between 2014 and 2015. Estimates put the cost of cyber attacks at upwards of $1 billion. To...


Wind Turbine

Why Connectivity to Controls Matters

We as humans are wired to sense, think and then act. In prehistoric times, a person would sense a problem (storm clouds on the horizon), think about what to do (get out of the rain) and act (take shelter). They didn’t have the capability to get information from others on what to expect or what to do. With the advent of communication technology like the telegraph and telephone, people could add another step—get information from other people, most...


Vibhoosh Gupta speaking

Industrial Edge Node: The iPhone of Industry

When Apple unleashed its iPhone in 2007, it was truly a market disruptor: The first edge node for humans, putting the power of a PC in the palm of your hand. Not only can you use an iPhone to make phone calls, but you can check your email, browse the Internet and listen to music. However, the most revolutionary iPhone element was the concept of “apps.” You can create apps and use them to change the personality and functionality of your iPhone...


Cyber Security

GE's Commitment to Cyber Security

Over the last decade, the proliferation of cyber threats against critical infrastructure has made cyber security a central concern for industrial automation and control system users. These strategic attacks are aimed at disrupting industrial activity for monetary, competitive, political or social gain, or personal revenge. In the age of the Industrial internet, where companies seek new levels of performance and productivity by connecting...



Upgrade Your Systems, Get Competitive, Get Profitable

We love the latest tech toys and features. New phones, new software, new technology—when it comes out, we just have to have it now. We like upgrading our personal technology, but why not our work environment? Admit it. You’ve got the same control platform you’ve had since 1995, but you have the latest smartphone in your pocket. This is common among many control customers I have met and I’ve heard them repeat this tired old adage when it comes to...



If a Dishwasher Can Talk, Then Why Not an Operator Interface?

Recently I bought a new dishwasher for my house. Compared to my previous one, it has a lot of interesting features. But what surprised me most is its ability to remotely send its status to the manufacturer. Anyone who has been on troubleshooting calls for a home appliance can attest to the benefits of this feature. If in today’s connected world we can remotely troubleshoot a dishwasher in my home, why can’t we do the same (or presumably better)...