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Rubin has spent over 20 years in the embedded computing world, in roles ranging from support to sales to product management and even garbage collector. He experienced the huge growth (and crash) of the telecom industry, and he's spent time dabbling in medical, industrial, transportation and military applications. Rubin figured he has so many stories to tell, he should get into marketing and so he is now our Global Director of Marketing for all things embedded. Connect with Rubin on LinkedIn and he'll explain the "garbage collector" story…

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Going Forward

Going Forward

You’ve almost certainly heard by now that Veritas Capital is to acquire GE’s embedded computing business—and you’ve almost certainly wondered why we haven’t addressed that particular elephant in the room on the Connected Battlefield. There are two reasons for that. First: the fat lady hasn’t yet sung. While we have every expectation that the acquisition will complete, until such time as it does, we are still part of GE. And the second? The...


Blue Angels Air Show

Supporting Our Veterans...and the Culture of Excellence

I wrote a post earlier this year about GE’s support for military veterans. We view the veteran population as a highly skilled and disciplined talent pool of natural leaders, and our GE Veterans network works with this community seeking to employ new business leaders for our company. In addition to recruitment, GE is a proud sponsor of various causes that support the men and women of our armed forces. For example, during the week of May 18—...


Lunar Lander

GE Rugged and COTS: It's a Win-Win

I recently participated in an Open Systems Media e-cast entitled "Where is COTS technology today?" hosted by John McHale. If you missed it, you can check out the recording here . It touched on the questions we often hear from customers: Has COTS really delivered... Lower costs? Reduced deployment times? Simplified testing? Easier integration? Increases in innovation? Reliability and quality? And, perhaps most importantly: ...lower costs? There...


GE Intelligent Platforms

Welcome to IDEF 2015 in Istanbul

…or Constantinople, as I keep wanting to call it. I’ve learned so much and read so much about this place, but never visited. Istanbul, as many know, is a unique city as it straddles two continents—both Asia and Europe—and that’s what’s made it such a hot spot for trade. And, since the city for many years represented the gateway for people of two major religions—Christianity and Islam—it has a storied military past. It’s perhaps fitting, then,...


GTC15: Bangs and Deep Learning

The GPU Technology Conference has begun with a BANG—a "Big Bang," as NVIDIA's cofounder Jen-Hsun Huang told a packed audience at the opening day keynote. And this year's theme is all about using NVIDIA's GPU silicon for what they call "deep learning"—something I knew very little about until today. It turns out that deep learning is pretty cool and is all about teaching computers to see and think, enabling everything from image recognition (think...


Embedded World 2015 | Day 2

Embedded World Continues, with Friendly Faces and Frighteningly Smart Robots

It was a VERY busy day for the GE folks at Embedded World. We had a full day of meetings with customers and partners today. At times I was triple-booked and I wish to apologize to all those who had to wait for me to finish up with other meetings. Today was a great "people" day for me. I met some old friends, some of whom I had not seen in many years. I was excited to meet a sales representative we recently hired who is already injecting new...



Beyond the Horizon: Intel's #IoT Strategy

One of the greatest things about events like Embedded World is the facetime with my Intel friends—like at their IoT Alliance Connections event earlier this week, here in Nuremberg. As you can imagine, Intel is poised to do very well as the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet continues to build momentum. While the folks at Intel have admitted that there is very little Intel silicon in the estimated 50B devices in the Internet of Things,...


Embedded World

The Big Buzz at Embedded World This Year

Today was day one of Embedded World and I navigated the incredibly efficient train service from my hotel to the Nuremberg convention center. Our team had done a superb job pulling together our booth—it looked great. Best of all, they had a complete kitchen with hot coffee, sandwiches and cookies! Great start. Visitors to the booth got to see how we are making the Industrial Internet real with products ranging from embedded boards, industrial PCs...


Embedded World 2015 Preview: It's Getting Real

Hello from Nuremberg! This will be an exciting week for those of us in the embedded computing industry, as the Embedded World exhibition and conference begins tomorrow. With an expected 30,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors from over 35 countries, Embedded World represents the largest event on the embedded computing calendar. This year, GE will demonstrate how embedded technology (both hardware and software) is enabling the devices at the very...


Brilliant Machine

Brains Meet Brawn: Embedded Strength in Brilliant Machines

Since his recent peek into the industrial sector, which left him pleasantly surprised, regular Connected Battlefield contributor Rubin Dhillon has been drawing connections between several burgeoning areas in the era of the Industrial Internet. Here he shares yet more insight from his unique perspective. Have you seen GE’s series of “Brilliant Machines” commercials that ran a little while back? You know the ones that feature KITT (Knight Rider),...


Supporting Our Veterans: It’s Personal

GE is respected worldwide for the quality of its business leaders. In fact, Aon Hewitt, the global human resources and consulting company, ranked GE first on its annual Global Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders list . We are a little obsessed with this whole leadership thing. It’s ingrained in the very DNA of the company: we seek to find the best talent, to nurture and develop the world’s best leaders. There is another “organization” out there...