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Richard Spiesman

Richard is a 40-year veteran of the embedded computing industry. Having graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of arts in economics, he joined Motorola before moving on to RAMIX, who were acquired by GE in 2003. He is now product manager for GE’s networks and communications product line.

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Rugged Managed Etherned Switch

Next Step for Ethernet Switch Design

Ethernet switches, like most computing devices, are getting smarter. A few years ago, they were dumb, “plug-n-play” sort of things—they had a small number of interfaces and they performed a simple role. They would receive a packet of data, look at the Ethernet address, and send the packet out on one or more of the other interfaces. They could learn the source address from a received packet, and use that knowledge to decide where to send a future...


Show Me the Cable: Why Product Flexibility Provides Customer Solutions

When it comes to network devices, there are many factors that can affect a customer’s decision. Customers normally want the latest, fastest, most sophisticated LAN technology, but they are sometimes constrained by things which are not obvious. This means that suppliers who are flexible and able to accommodate unusual requests can be in a strong position. With our range of NETernity switches, we provide a lot of that ability to handle the “corner...