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Always willing to try new things in marketing, Renee is “connecting” via collaborative technologies every day. Look for Renee on Twitter @ReneeKArmstrong and follow her tweets about the Industrial Internet and how it is changing the industry today.

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2014 User Summit: Inspiration from the Sidelines

I just returned from our User Summit . The agenda was dense with wonderful examples of the Industrial Internet making a real difference, across the widest range of applications: Delta Airlines is now doing maintenance on “their terms” rather than in response to unplanned machinery downtime. The City of Cincinnati is increasing reliability in its water and wastewater systems while reducing taxpayer costs and being more responsible toward...


Making The Industrial Internet Real

I stole this blog spot today. Our blogs usually discuss ideas and thoughts about innovation, trends and ideas to help our readers navigate today’s tough competitive realities. But today, I wanted to share with you some exciting news about a future presentation that will help you better understand the Industrial Internet, its promise of productivity and efficiency gains, and ways you can leapfrog others by capitalizing on its potential. Jeff...


Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

The risk of marketing is that it is all talk and no action. Customers who connect with us look to us to not only share the journey, but also help them get there. They expect what I call a high “say/do ratio.” If you recently received an email from us or visited our website you were introduced to the Industrial Internet. By powering solutions that connect machines, data and insights, and people, the Industrial Internet can dramatically improve...


GE Customers: Expect to be Delighted

As consumers, we’ve all had a range of customer experiences. Some that weren’t good at all, where we vowed we’d never go back. And some that fell in the “okay but could’ve been better” category. And then, few and far in between, there are some experiences that just stood out as exceptional—where we would not only do business there again, we’d even recommend it to others. So what makes a customer experience exceptional? Is it the company’s...


Get Connected: Welcome to our Blog

At GE Intelligent Platforms, we work toward a single goal: to help you solve your operations challenges and get to market more quickly with a competitive advantage. Our innovative, high performance technology solutions—combined with our expertise, services and scale—enable us to grow the profitability of businesses for today’s connected world. As a strategic addition to your business, we’re proud that our role goes beyond being just another...