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Matthew Littlefield co-founded LNS Research in 2011. In his current role as President and Principal Analyst, he oversees LNS’s coverage of the industrial value chain. A recognized industry expert, Matthew contributes to the widely read LNS Research blog, GE's Intelligent Platforms Industrial Internet blog and many other industry publications. 

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Plant Workers

The IIoT Revolution: What's Really Going to Change?

In my last two posts about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), I’ve discussed the importance of finding a common IIoT definition , and the four key pillars of technology capabilities that form the IIoT platform . But I think what everyone really wants to know is how IIoT will help them in the real world—what specifically will change in their day-to-day activities and operations that will result in faster and more accurate information, new...


Smart Connected Operations

The IIoT Platform: What It Is and Where It's Taking Us

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” It’s an old adage, and as I suggested in my last blog post , it’s applicable when we look at the limited advancements in software technology over the past decades. When it comes to the challenges faced by the manufacturing industries, and legacy technology’s ability to address them, not much has changed. For various reasons, many organizations still struggle with the same things they did 10...



IIoT: Defining Solutions for the "Same-old"

The results are in: Despite the industry's best efforts and deployment of legacy systems, the top two challenges faced by manufacturing organizations are still a lack of collaboration and disparate systems and data sources. Even in an era where everything seems to be changing and growing more connected, these challenges haven't budged. The IoT, the emerging solution that's central to any conversation about modern manufacturing operations, hovers as a lofty solution.