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Mark believes automation software should deliver relevant information anytime, anywhere. His team is pioneering the use of advanced applications on mobile devices, incorporating the same technology we use in our everyday life to industrial environments. For Mark, real time operational intelligence is available today. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

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Expecting the Unexpected with the Industrial Internet

This story originally appeared in Manufacturing Business Technology . With summer weather upon us, we can comfortably look back at the winter of 2014-15, which hit large parts of the U.S. hard and often. Snow crippled transportation networks across most of the Northeast, making it much more difficult for people to get to work. It buried rail lines and clogged highways, brought down power lines, and pushed recovery resources to their limits...


Oil Well

How to Begin Tapping Into the Value of Your Data

When it comes to data management, I don’t think there’s any debate on where industrial businesses collectively sit right now. The landscape of our world is changing rapidly, especially with the emergence of the Internet of Things, or as GE calls it, the Industrial Internet. There are a lot of different forcing functions that play into the Industrial Internet, from the Cloud to big data to security to sensor enablement. And we like to think about...


User Summit Day 1: The People Part of the Equation

I can still taste it…a Portuguese dish that my grandmother used to make when I was a kid. It was incredible … and it was a dish that I never tasted the same way again after she passed. That was despite both my mom and my aunt having the exact recipe written out in copious detail. Don't get me wrong, the recipes created a perfectly tasty meal that closely resembled those that my Mom's mom made… but it never quite fully captured the overall...


RtOI: the Ultimate Promise of Industrial Mobility, Big Data and GEO-Intelligence

Why not?! That was the question posed to me by my daughter when we visited the zoo and she saw a screen, the size of a 10-inch tablet, secured on a stand. It had information about events, the animals and that day’s weather. She proceeded to walk up and attempted to interact with it using a 21 st century pointing device– that’s right, her finger. When it did nothing, she turned to me with a quizzical look on her face and said, “It’s broke”. When...