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Jeremiah Stone

As General Manager, Industrial Data Intelligence, GE Intelligent Platforms Software, Jeremiah Stone is responsible for identifying and evolving architectures and solution offerings that leverage GE’s innovation in analytics, digital and the Industrial Internet. Jeremiah was previously Vice President Natural Resource Industries and Sustainability Solutions at SAP, where he was responsible for strategy, market research, investment cases and development for SAP’s Sustainability, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mill Products and Mining industry portfolios. Additionally, Jeremiah was a leader within SAP’s cross-functional adoption of Lean and Agile software development as well as continuous improvement of solution and system oriented design. Prior to joining SAP Labs Jeremiah started his career as a programmer and systems administrator with the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Jeremiah is a graduate of the University of Colorado's Mathematics program, Summa Cum Laude, is an inventor or co-inventor of multiple U.S. patents and several publications.

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