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Innovation and transformation are the drivers for Jamie, Chief Information Officer for GE, responsible for IT strategy, services and operations. For Jamie, a former PwC partner and Controller at Wellpoint before joining GE, technology is the tool to deliver new outcomes and ever-increasing value for GE’s customers, investors and employees.

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Brilliant Factory

Factory 3.0: The Brilliant Factory Brings Hardware, Software and Data Together

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. I admit, it can be hard at times to explain what the convergence of IT and OT looks like. But when I talk about how the new industrial architecture of hardware, software and data comes together in a “Brilliant Factory,” the concept crystallizes for people. Machines working efficiently and intelligently with increased speed, less waste and no unplanned downtime is a vision that CIOs can conjure to...


Industrial Mobile

Do You Have the Industrial Mobile Mindset?

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn . Nearly every executive I know thinks of their smartphone as a lifeline. We’re all on the road so much, it’s how we stay tethered to the enterprise. But we don’t often think of mobile as an essential business tool for our new digital industry. That’s changing quickly. Mobile app ecosystems and responsive web environments are critical to rapidly prototype designs, with smaller, more agile teams...


Energy Distribution

CIOs, You Need a Seat at the Table

​This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. CIOs, do you have a seat at the table when your company buys industrial equipment? You’d better. These days, some assets are smarter than others, delivering big savings on long-term maintenance and future servicing. New technology has endowed turbines, aircraft engines, medical devices and everything in between with the ability to perform more efficiently and yield superior outcomes. To be effective,...


Machines in the Cloud

There's Machines in This Cloud

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . The cloud: the name itself evokes the light and airy. But increasingly we’re evolving the capability of the cloud to something that’s anything but. Today, we announced GE Predix Cloud, secure platform as a service capabilities built from the ground up to handle data of any size, volume or velocity from the world’s industrial machines. GE’s Predix Cloud is going to reduce costs, slash rollout times,...



GE's Transformation...Start Small, Start Now

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn. I constantly stress to my CIOs that they need to start now ... start small, but start now. The obvious question is, how? I’ve watched our customers transform but I’ve also learned firsthand what it takes to drive change through industrial software. We’ve been remaking ourselves at GE as a digital industrial company and creating our architecture for the future. For me, the paradigm is that we eat our...


IT (and OT) Matter - And CIOs Have to Act Now

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . After years of quietly transforming our companies, squeezing more out of assets and executing, industrial CIOs have finally taken center stage. The convergence of operational technology, or OT, and IT has given us the chance to remake the enterprise. We can approach engineering, operational workflow and systems in a new way and get everyone speaking the same language. But we need to act now or risk...



The CIO: A "Hero of Industry"

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . Most CIOs quietly just get s*** done. They clean up the mess when others screw up. They keep the utility running with incredibly high uptime. They truly understand the strategy of their businesses and work hard to drive technology solutions to generate revenue, better service or efficiencies. The CIOs I know are true unsung heroes of industry. And now it’s our time. The new CIO is immersed in strategy...