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Barry, Global Marketing Director – Automation Hardware at GE's Automation & Controls business, passionately believes that connected machines, mobile data analytics and workforce enablement don’t have to be hurdles in business today. He leads the strategic direction of the company’s automation and information systems programs to help customers apply the power of the Industrial Internet to their businesses. By connecting machines, data, insights and people, our technology solutions deliver critical insight for greater operational efficiency, effectiveness and optimization. Learn more about how Barry works at GE on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @BarryLynchGE.

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Microsoft Band 2

New Year's Resolution: Use IoT and Big Data to Improve Health

It’s January, that time of year our minds turn to our health, trying to counteract the extra pounds of turkey and mince pies (I’m English) we ate over the break. One device I’m using to help me is the Microsoft Band 2 . This IoT device has multiple sensors that connect to your body via the band to track your heart rate, steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, exercise, and sleep quality. It also has GPS to track your location, advanced tools to...



Make Me Money, Make Me Lazy: Living on the IoT Edge

Automation system migration comes with challenges that I find fascinating (raises eyebrow in Mr. Spock style expression), though very understandable. I mean, why you would spend a ton of money to disrupt your existing functioning production lines to upgrade to something that’s going to give you the same outcome; I mean why would you? A couple weeks ago, I asked an automation manager what would drive him to justify migration, and he summed it up...


Biometric Cloud Security

Ditch the Passwords: Biometrics Are the Way Forward

Last week my British Airways frequent flyer account was hacked . My account was locked, and I was told to change my password, and like many of you, I maintain multiple passwords but I do not create unique ones every time so I need to change a few different website credentials. What used to take an hour or so to change my personal passwords now takes multiple hours due to mobile devices. This is because passwords are saved in many cases at the...


Installing an IoT Home Automation System: Don't Make My Mistakes

In my past blogs, I have shared with you my experiences in moving my home data into the cloud and installing my first IoT thermostat. Over Christmas, I decided to install a full integrated home automation system. Here is what I learned; I hope it makes your journey easier. 1. Ease of use trumps price The first mistake I made was assuming all home automation systems are equal and bought on price. The Skylink home system I chose I did manage to...


"Multi-touch Navigation, So What?!"

That was my somewhat negative response to the product team when they announced this capability was available on our QuickPanel+ . What we’re talking about here is the same technique you use today on commercial tablets, where you can pinch and zoom and swipe across screens. Yes, I can see it being easier for someone using a tablet to be familiar with our operator interface navigation, but I did not see it as a big deal for an automation operator...


Nobody Goes to a User Summit in the Digital Age!

Well, as I pack my bag to travel to Orlando—along with over 600 other people—apparently not! Just to be clear, not all 600 people are packing their bags with me; I would need a bigger bedroom. 600+ people are traveling to the same summit as me this week. Last time GE's Intelligent Platforms business had a User’s Summit was in 2007, before the financial crisis hit, and we all painfully realized the hard link between the stock market and our 401(k...


What Is a Data Lake, and How Does This Work with Big Data, and Where Is My Burger?

Ok, believe me these three items are connected, and here is why: Last week, I was in one of our training classes in Crotonville, New York, and was lucky enough to talk with folks from our GE Software Center of Excellence. Now, I get the Big Data principle that’s all about being able to collate and archive inputs from multiple sources to get a big picture, and then apply smart analytics to it. That way you get smarter about how different inputs...


Prepare Your Automation Control Systems for the Industrial Internet—Part Two: Getting Connected

In my last blog , we discussed how if you are not already executing plans to get your automation systems Industrial Internet ready, then you’re already behind. We covered installing a redundant controller not just as a backup device but as a validation tool for software and firmware updates pushed to your system. This month, I am covering some of the options used for automation control systems today as secure interfaces to the Industrial...


Prepare Your Automation Systems for the Industrial Internet

If you’re still of the train of thought that automation systems will stay as they have been in the past—with control systems isolated from the outside world and not touched for 10 years—think again, because that world is going away very quickly. One thing is certain: if you’re not making plans to have your automation systems Industrial Internet ready, you had better start now. Because if you don’t, you will get left behind. One of the big...


User Experience Is The Pivotal Point Where People And Machines Connect

One thing I think we can all relate to is how our own daily experiences of connecting with technology can be really enjoyable or frustrating as heck. My good lady wife dislikes technology with a passion and hates having to browse on the internet on the home computer, but she loves doing it on her tablet and will not have a word said against it. My son hated the UI experience on the phone he had, but we got him an upgrade to a different brand,...


What Do You Mean The Internet Is Down??…Dad!

Those are the chilling words that strike terror into any parent of teenage children. In fact, these days any-age children. It’s amazing today how reliant we have become on the Internet, and when we lose connection, the impact it has on the whole family. In my house, with two kids, when we get an outage, it impacts my home PC, the kids’ laptops, my wife’s iPad®, our streaming movie account, our smart TV connectivity, etc. Not to mention, all our...


Just Give Me One Version of the Truth, Please

To any of my fellow travelers who have been fighting their way across country battling the weather in the past few weeks, this blog is dedicated to you. I thought we had gotten through the worst of it, but it seems that is not the case as I type this blog late on a Friday night stuck in a hotel room rather than at home where I should be. So how did I end up here? Well, it started when one of my colleagues who shall remain nameless ( @...


Optical Software Control, a Real Eyeful

When I was speaking at the Business Expo in December, I was telling the audience about my experiences with the new smart TV I had bought during the Black Friday sales in the U.S. This TV has both voice and facial recognition capability, and I was joking about how it could be a challenge to swipe pages with your eyes as you do with iPads® and iPhones® (along with some facial expressions of me trying to do it …. you had to be there didn’t you...


Google Glass in Manufacturing

I recently attended a workflow summit and had the pleasure of meeting Jim Lyons ( @jflyons ) who is one of the registered Google Glass Explorers (evaluators). He gave me the chance to have my first play with this product and even though it’s a prototype design I could see the benefit it could bring in manufacturing. For those who don’t know, the prototype has a small black and white display for your right eye that syncs with Android devices. It...


Run Your Corporation From Your Cell Phone — Jeff Immelt Does

What did I hear you say? Really a $150BN business run from a smart phone? Well, that’s the quote from Marc Benioff, the chairman and CEO of . A number of our team (including Jeff Immelt, GE CEO) recently attended Dreamforce '13 in San Francisco, as has become core to our business in the past few years . As you will read in the article , Marc was referring to Jeff’s use of Salesforce1—their new technology bringing...


Connectivity is NOT the End Game

In this world of the “Internet of Things,” we are seeing connectivity adoption rates that increase exponentially every day. Machines of all sizes and capabilities are being connected to networks; however, manufacturers and machine OEMs are looking to extract real value from this capability, not just connectivity. At PACK EXPO, we covered this topic on the Innovation Stage and discussed the importance of understanding how the Industrial Internet...


CPG Adopts the Industrial Internet

I just returned from PACK EXPO 2013 along with 29,000 of other exhibitors and attendees, and I’m still excited by the energy of the event and how technology is truly transforming the packaging industry.[gallery link="file" ids="1434,1435,1425,1424,1423,1422,1421,1420,1439"] At GE, we believe one of those transforming technologies is the Industrial Internet and how connections between machines, data, insights, and people will drive business...


Do CPG Manufacturers Have Big Data Issues?

When the words “ big data ” are used many times, it conjures up images of very high-speed production processes or über-large assets pumping out a continuous stream of complex information. In fact, at our annual customer advisory council meeting back in 2012 when we were showing our new big data solutions, the response from CPG manufacturers was, “Great, but we don’t have big data.” For this year’s upcoming PACK EXPO conference, when we were...


GE Intelligent Platforms at PACK EXPO 2013…… Really???

This week I have been called by two members of the press and asked that very question—yes Pat and Jim, I am talking about you. To be honest, the question is valid as we have attended PACK EXPO the past four years, but this is the first year we have registered as exhibitors. The simple answer is this year we have new compelling technology to share with the people attending and other exhibitors that involves adoption of Industrial Internet...


How Higher Education’s 'Fatal Flaw' Impacts Manufacturing

I recently attended a two-day Automation Conference held in Chicago. I have to say that the one keynote session that drew the most emotion from the attendees, was that of Gary R. Bertoline, Ph.D., Dean of Purdue University. The session was planned for about 55 minutes but ran at least 30 minutes longer due to the passionate response from those in the room. What Gary was covering was a “fatal flaw” that occurred in 1955 when the U.S. school...