Attend a User Summit…Really? Yes! It May Be Your Most Important Investment This Year

shutterstock_193539209OK, so your travel budget has been slashed, your project schedules are tight, you haven’t hired yet for the colleague who moved on, and you’re wearing multiple hats.

No time to attend a user summit? Make the time. You’ll be glad you did.

With so much pressure to shorten project time to value, user summits are a smart investment of your time. They provide a great opportunity to learn from and dialogue with other product users and the product developers. They get you out of your business and into the world again where you realize you are not alone with your issues. Camaraderie, hearing your peer’s challenges and better yet, hearing how they overcame their challenges, can be a fantastic panacea to rev up your thinking and provide you a roadmap to success.

Here’s a list of top 10 reasons why user summits are so vital to help you gain a new perspective and meet your business goals:

  1. Network with peers.DESCRIPTION OF LINKGet face-to-face with other professionals instead of through email and social media…a conversation can expose real solution possibilities.
  2. Be a part of and build the community.DESCRIPTION OF LINK Experience a sense of fellowship with people who value your insights.
  3. Discover new innovations. DESCRIPTION OF LINK Learn about the latest technology advances such as how the Industrial Internet is changing the competitive landscape…and maybe your company’s future.
  4. See best practices in action.DESCRIPTION OF LINK One tidbit can save you time, resources and frustration. Many help you maximize the value of your solution.
  5. Get out of the office.DESCRIPTION OF LINK Take time to discuss broad-scope issues that will impact your industry.
  6. Learn something new or teach others.DESCRIPTION OF LINK Become part of the learning process by interacting with a range of industry professionals.
  7. Know you’re not alone. DESCRIPTION OF LINK Others have challenges like yours; connect and share with them.
  8. Brainstorm. DESCRIPTION OF LINKOthers may have different perspectives and approaches than your coworkers
  9. Help your suppliers understand your challenges.DESCRIPTION OF LINKInfluence the development of features, functionality and products that can benefit you and the industry.
  10. Leverage insights. DESCRIPTION OF LINKLet the community help spark your innovative spirit and provide you with that roadmap to success.

In addition to all of the business value and personal learning you can gain, user summits can be fun. They break up the routine of your daily business life and get you excited about the challenges ahead.

Ready to attend a Users Summit? We’re having one at GE. Join industry leaders, customers and peers at the GE Intelligent Platforms 2014 User Summit in Orlando, Florida, this October. Learn how to make the Industrial Internet real for your operations. Share your insights and network with others. And help us better understand the challenges you face, so we can develop new products that can solve your issues.

We look forward to opening a dialogue with you!