360° Situational Awareness

Safeguarding the warflighter

The main focus of GE's situational awareness products  is protection of the warfighter through a mission-ready system with unfaltering performance.

Rugged, high flexibility

Our 360° Situational Awareness System is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) pre-validated video display processing unit that provides a rugged and highly flexible video display platform suited for mission applications requiring rock-solid reliability such as in ground vehicles and manned aircraft. This system can be deployed in the field as soon as your application is ready, or you can use it as a starting point for multiple application-specific configurations. The arduous task of integrating off-the-shelf boards has already been done for you, thus shortening your time to project completion.

Seamless image merging

The IPS5100 system provides an optimized solution for local situational awareness by seamlessly merging the video signals from multiple imagers into a real-time interactive 360° panoramic image which can be displayed on a single monitor to save space and power. It offers a previously unattainable level of situational awareness to platforms such as armored vehicles, aircraft, remote unmanned platforms and security and surveillance systems.

Intuitive panorama

The operator is able to interact with the panoramic image through a range of interface options including touch screen, joystick and game-style controller. These devices facilitate scrolling through the panorama and zooming in and out on selected images through a “virtual camera.” Used in this way, the panorama is very intuitive to use and interpret.

In-vehicle protection

The IPS511 is a different system that will allow troops to stay protected in-vehicle while still being able to see the theater of operation. It also provides the needed capability of seeing where the target is in relationship to the rest of the armored vehicles on the ground in the AOR (Area of Responsibility). The IPS511 is designed to provide ground vehicles, aircraft, remote unmanned platforms, and security and surveillance systems previously-unattainable levels of 360° situational awareness.

Minimal SWaP

It is a single board solution housed in a rugged chassis and is characterized by its small size, weight and power (SWaP) attributes, enabling it to be deployed as a simple, cost-effective upgrade to virtually any platform operating in a demanding environment.