Electronic Warfare

Open architectures for the unique EW environment

No other warfare area has come to the forefront of operations solely because of the advances in modern embedded computing in the same way that EW has. Successful and reliable management of the RF spectrum requires that today’s Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems meet the modern threat of advanced Electronic Warfare (EW). Both actively and passively, GE has the open systems architecture to rapidly implement a winning EW solution.

Unique EW environment

The Electronic Warfare operating environment is unique because a system latency difference measured in microseconds can mean the difference between mission success or failure.  For this reason, GE has developed unique products for EW which bring the embedded computing onto the card - where, previously, time consuming data transfers had to occur with the subassembly, adding unwanted system latency.  GE understands EW and the world in which successful EW systems operate.

Open architectures

Based on Industry-wide standards such as IEEE, VITA/VPX or the H.246 codec and closely tied to both Intel® and Freescale® as an “Early Adopter” partner, GE’ building blocks will give you the competitive advantage to win in the battlefield and in the competitive arena.

SWaP efficiencies

A Tier I provider recently approached GE with a UAV subsystem that had unacceptable schedule, performance and cost risk.  In two weeks of on-site support, GE was able to deliver a fully functioning subsystem that was ahead of schedule, performing seven times faster than the original design, at a lower power usage, in a smaller footprint, at a lighter weight and at a lower cost.  This is the type of performance EW systems must have in today’s microsecond response operating cycles.

Rapid prototyping and evolutionary development

In no other warfare area is a clear pre-planned product improvement technology roadmap so critical as in the relentless world of EW. As more and more modern threats emerge, EW systems must adapt or become obsolete overnight. That is why your solution must be based on state-of-the-art open systems architecture building blocks that can be both rapidly modified and implemented in both scalable and modular approaches.