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GE makes the Industrial Internet Real. We’re transforming the way companies do business and creating new possibilities through connected machines, data, insights and people.


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About Us

At GE, we work toward a single goal: to help you solve your operations challenges and gain a competitive advantage. We’re making the Industrial Internet real so you can drive new performance possibilities for your business. Deliver results that matter. And build the future.

GE provides industrial software, control systems, and embedded computing platforms that help connect, monitor, analyze, predict and optimize operations like never before. By combining our innovative, high-performance technology solutions with deep industry expertise and know-how, we’re transforming the way companies grow their profitability and competitive edge.

Your success is at the heart of what we do. We understand your business and what it takes to win in today’s connected world. 

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Our Leader

Jim Walsh

Rob McKeel, President & CEO
Automation & Controls

Rob is excited to return to Charlottesville and lead a global team of experts who connect and control assets that turn the world on—a key pillar of GE’s digital industrial strategy.

Rob joined GE in 1993 as an engineer with GE Fanuc Automation and held various positions of increasing responsibility in engineering, marketing and product management. In 2000, he helped form GE Cisco Industrial Networks as VicePresident of Marketing, in the early dawn of the Industrial Internet.

 He joined GE Energy Connections in 2014 as the Vice President of Products for Power Conversion where he led operations including Product Management, Engineering, Sourcing and Supply Chain before being promoted to lead Product Management for Energy Connections. Rob was named President & CEO of Automation & Controls in January 2017.


Compliance Culture


GE’s commitment to perform with integrity is instilled in every employee as a non-negotiable expectation of behavior. This expectation is guided by GE’s integrity policy, The Spirit & The Letter, and is underscored by an extensive system of policies, processes, training and communications.

Ombuds Process

GE has an extensive ombuds process that serves as a mechanism for individuals to ask questions and report integrity concerns without fear of retaliation.

Concern Reporting

To report a concern related to compliance with laws or GE policies, please contact our Global Ombudsperson at ombudsperson-ip@ge.com or by phone at either 1-888-732-0911 (US only) or 1-434-978-5988.

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Environment, Health and Safety

GE Policy 20.3

GE is committed to achieving environmental health and safety (EHS) excellence. This is a responsibility of management and employees in all functions.

GE will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to avoid adverse impact and injury to the environment and the communities in which we do business. Our programs must combine clear leadership by management, the participation of all employees and functions, and the use of appropriate technology in developing and distributing GE products and Services.

GE’s EHS area

Regulations and Standards

EU REACH (1907/2006/EC)
Article and SVHC Declaration



Our commitment to quality.

GE was one of the first companies in the United States to become a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer. We design our products to meet global standards, including CE mark requirements. What's more, we rededicate ourselves to quality every day through our Six Sigma Quality Initiative, which provides statistical tools for measuring customer needs and satisfaction, and shows us ways we can improve even further.

Our commitment to quality is not negotiable. It is a value that is driven into every area of our business from the very top of the company. Over the course of decades of experience in the embedded business, we have also learned that quality is not a generic concept. Instead, quality means different things to different customers and therefore our commitment to quality requires precise attention to the specific needs of specific customers.

Application-Specific Quality Standards

Most of our customers have clearly defined standards that they must meet, and these standards are the minimum level of quality they can accept. For example, telecommunications and networking equipment is strictly regulated and must conform to standards promulgated by national and international bodies such as the FCC, NEBS/Telcordia, UL, etc. These telecom standards are not the same as standards which have been developed for the defense and aerospace industries where the equipment has to function in a totally different type of environment.

The reality is that quality is often defined by the application. And for this reason GE precisely documents for our customers the relevant quality standards which our products meet or exceed. We believe that a quality product is one that meets the highest standards required for the customer’s application, even though that very same product may be totally inadequate to the needs of a different customer with a different application.

Customer-Specific Quality Standards

Certain customers, with certain types of applications, define quality in terms of a precise product configuration. These customers are willing to pay for the extra services we provide which will not only notify them of changes to components, but also seek their approval for any changes to a standardized product. For these customers, a quality product is one that never varies in any way without their approval. This is a service we gladly provide because it is so valuable to these specific customers. In fact, without it, every other measure we might take to ensure quality would be meaningless.

For other customers, it is not just the product and it’s components that define quality, but also the entire company a to product lifecycle management, product support, product roadmap planning, supply chain management and other issues related to extending the useful life of a system. For these customers, a quality product is one that not only meets their needs today, but one that can continue to evolve over time to accommodate new advances in technology.

The Many Facets of Quality

For each type of application and for each type of customer, GE has created specific programs and protocols which are designed to deliver quality. Since our customers define quality in various ways, so do we. And since the features sought by one group of customers may conflict with those desired by another group, we have divided the applications and customers into general groupings as follows:

Military and Aerospace
Communications and Networking
Industrial and Commercial

These groupings provide a convenient method of clustering similar applications and standards. So, for example, the Military and Aerospace grouping would include industry standards such as ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100, VITA 47, EIA-625, MIL-I-45562, MIL-Q-4858, IPC-2221, IPC-2222 and DEF STAN 05-57 to name a few.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to determine whether we offer products which may comply with your requirements. At the same time, if one of our products would suit your needs, and yet it does not meet your specific standards, we have long experience with modifying our products to make them compliant. If you are in need of this service, we are most likely able to be of assistance.

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GE Careers

Join our dynamic world.  Contribute to it.  Create and share your experiences and knowledge.  We have gotten to where we are today by recruiting brilliant people with fearless imaginations … people who are committed to making this a better world … faster, safer, cleaner, more productive.  

Discover our world.  Are you ready to join?

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The GE Difference

Leading-edge technologies

You can expect to stay ahead of competitors with our highly innovative and advanced technology solutions. As a technology-driven company, we continually invest millions of dollars in research and development of our forward-thinking Industrial Internet solutions across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Broad, comprehensive solution portfolio

Set apart from other market offerings, GE solutions deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of control and software capabilities that drive connectivity. So you can leverage a complete yet modular solution from a single partner, as we offer the depth and breadth of capabilities to fit your specific business needs.

Long-term trusted partner

Working with GE, you can gain the experience and security of a mature, stable, and respected partner who understands your business and offers solid solutions to meet your needs. You have access to a global organization, which means you can tap into a depth and breadth of comprehensive resources to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Proven methodologies

You can rely on our engagement processes, which are based on GE’s proven methodologies and best practices—including our renowned Six Sigma Quality approach—to get to the root of your business problems. We’ll work with you to identify what needs to be done and where, so you get the results you need.

World-class support services

Our award-winning support services include a global network of support professionals with application and industry-specific expertise, 24x7 emergency support, online case management, and more. We deliver the best support possible to meet your business needs for long-term performance and success—from solution concept to implementation and ongoing support.

Let GE help make the Industrial Internet real for your business.